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Please note the Temporary Mooring Application Form is for Rock Marine Moorings only. Applications for all other moorings must be submitted to the Padstow Harbour Commissioners.

Please only use this form if you are applying for a Rock Marine mooring, all others are managed by the Padstow Harbour Commissioners. Please read the Terms & Conditions below & complete the form as necessary.

Single, buoy type, mooring on the Camel Estuary. The buoys are coloured yellow.
Conditions of Hiring:

1. The right to moor boats on the moorings allocated extends from mid-day to mid-day.
2. The hirer will be required to pay a mooring fee and also Padstow Harbour Commissioners River Dues in accordance with their list of charges for the current year. Payment to be made in advance on signing the agreement.
3. The hirer will be responsible for any other dues, rates, taxes, levies or outgoings, which should be paid direct to the appropriate body.
4. Double mooring of boats is strictly prohibited.
5. The hirer will not be allowed to assign or sub-let these mooring rights, or make any arrangement with any third party with regards to them, without previous consent in writing from the owners.
6. The hirer will hire these moorings entirely at their own risk and the owners accept no responsibility for the safety of the craft moored. The hirer must ensure the boat is left properly moored and secured when not in use.
7. The owners reserve the right to require the hirer to remove his boat and tender at any time should it become necessary to do so in order to comply with any notices or regulations issued by any statutory authority, or notices served by the Duchy of Cornwall, or should there be a breach of any of these conditions by the hirer. If the hirer fails to comply immediately with the removal request the owners reserve the right to remove the boat themselves at the hirers expense, and if necessary, after one month to recoup such costs involved by sale of said boats.
8. The hirer will use the mooring for recreational and holiday purposes and will not occupy the mooring for residential purposes.
9. The hirer indemnifies the owner and their servants against all costs of claims arising as a consequence of the rights granted by this licence.
10. Where the context admits the singular includes the plural or vice a versa and the masculine gender includes the female gender.

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